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5 Great Reasons to Paint the Interior of Your Home

Sure, the idea of giving your walls a new coat of paint sounds daunting. Moving furniture, covering the floors, keeping the kids out of the way — none of it sounds like fun. But at the same time, all those marks on the walls from Lego swords are driving you crazy, and the kitchen is still that outdated peach color you got stuck with when you bought the place. It might just be time. Here are a few good reasons you may want to have the painting specialists at AW Painting & General Contractors give your home a new look.

Air Quality

In the paint business, “VOC” stands for “volatile organic compound.” There are many low-VOC and zero-VOC paint varieties now that produce minimal fumes and odors. A fresh coat of paint on a plaster wall will noticeably reduce dust inside the home.

Cover Those Stains

Most families eventually end up with some marks and spots on their walls that just aren’t going away, no matter how much you scrub. A new layer of paint can take care of that problem.

Protect the Walls

Fresh paint on your walls doesn’t just cover up old marks, but will also add a tough, protective layer to protect it from future blemishes.

A New Look

New colors can completely change the look and feel of your home, all at a much more affordable price tag than fancy new furniture or trendy art. And even if you stick with the tried and true white or off-white, a sharp, clean-looking coat of paint will brighten any room.

A Change of Energy

Studies have shown that colors are significant factors in mood, vitality and overall frame of mind. Light colors make the space look bigger, vibrant colors tend to energize, and soft pastels in the bedroom are relaxing and can promote healthy sleep.

There are many benefits to having the interior of your home painted, from the change in ambiance to the practical covering of flaws, but maybe the best part is that you don’t have to do it yourself. If you are in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware, call AW Painting & General Contractors to find out just how affordable a new look can be!

5 Great Reasons to Paint the Interior of Your Home

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AW Painting & General Contractors will provide you with experienced trained painters and use only the best genuine materials from the largest suppliers, such as Sherman-Williams,  Benjamin Moore, PPG, and more.


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