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The aesthetic appearance of a business’s or organization’s headquarters is often the first impression prospective clients or customers formulate about said entity. A bright, shiny, clean, and well-kempt exterior often attracts followers. 

Therefore, such establishments often place a significant emphasis on exterior building maintenance. One such aesthetic-enhancing process performed by AW Painting, general contractors serving Lancaster County, is sandblasting. 

Sandblasting Overview

Our team of experienced professionals possess a plethora of experience executing this intricate process, which is also commonly called abrasive blasting. 

During this procedure, general contractors serving Lancaster County will employ heavy machinery like air compressors and sand blasting machines to administer corrosive materials like sand underneath a specific exterior’s surface. 

Sand is an abrasive substance. Ergo, said material holds the capacity to penetrate inside external facades and smooth out visible flaws and rough edges. 

The Undertaking

Sandblasting is a multi-step endeavor. The first stage involves placing sand into the sandblasting apparatus. 

Once sand is loaded, the blasting device is then affixed to an air compressor. This machine enables the sand to be propelled at heightened speeds and increased pressure. 

Once the air compressor is prepared, sand is blasted onto intended surfaces. Typically, blasted particles possesses the power to actually remove the original exterior’s existing imperfections to such a pronounced magnitude that a new veneer is established. 

Who Performs Sandblasting?

Abrasive blasting is not a do-it-yourself undertaking. This effort requires the use of large machinery that must be operated by experienced professionals. Inexperienced individuals are less likely to perform the job correctly and might increase their risk of sustaining serious injuries. 

Additional Purposes

In addition to creating less flawed, more visually pleasurable exteriors, sandblasting is also often employed as the first step in the finishing process. Finishing involves preparing an intended surface for some type of coating or covering like paint or siding.

Associated Benefits

When executed properly, abrasive blasting often yields the following benefits:

*Efficacy. The process is a quick and efficient method of remediating tiring surfaces. 

*Versatility. Abrasive blasting can be executed safely and effectively on a variety of exteriors. 

*Cleansing. Blasted sand does not merely smooth surfaces but usually performs a thorough, adequate, and lasting cleansing of receiving surfaces. 

*Paint Removal. Sandblasting is often lauded as an optimal paint removal method. Few issues are more bothersome or visually-unappealing than the sight of chipped, cracked, or peeling paint. 

Additionally, the procedure could precipitate other favorable outcomes including an increased property value, greater curb appeal, and the creation of a more energy-efficient structure that reduces an owner’s associated utility expenses. 

Contacting Us

Pennsylvania business owners who believe their headquarters might benefit from sandblasting are encouraged to contact us. AW Painting enjoys a favorable reputation as amongst the top general contractors serving Lancaster County and beyond. Additional information about our company is available at www.awpainting.com. 


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