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Whether a business needs a full renovation or a small surface repair, one of the most common jobs that businesses turn to is commercial sandblasting. At AW Painting & General Contractors, we offer complete commercial sandblasting services in the Gwynedd area. This necessary step is crucial for surface remodeling or repair, no matter the scale.


With attentive and experienced general contractors, quality control and safety are an integral part of how we work every day.

No matter where your business is located in the areas of Gwynedd, Southern New Jersey, Delaware, or Lehigh Valley, our professionals can complete your job, whether it’s extensive or small-scale.

Commercial Sandblasting Services

Our commercial sandblasting contractors have experience working on a wide variety of buildings including, but not limited to:

  • Office Buildings
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Student Housing and Dormitories
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Retail Centers

There are other services you might need to improve the look of your business or to simply give it a facelift, like commercial power washingdrywall repair, and building facility maintenance services. You want to update the look and feel of your commercial building or office building either when it needs to be updated to increase productivity, improving sustainability, and be most cost-effective. This will all depend on how your building is constructed and how large it is. These kinds of considerations need to be inspected by calling a commercial sandblasting company in Gwynedd

General contractors often perform commercial power washing in the Gwynedd area when providing a commercial sandblasting service for industrial buildings. It is a great benefit to you to add a commercial power wash to your sandblasting service because power washing cleans your building and sidewalks using a mix of water and detergent solutions under high pressure. When you schedule a commercial sandblasting service in Gwynedd, always remember to inquire about their power washing service and have them inspect whether you need it.

In addition to sandblasting your commercial building, you might notice that you need a drywall repair service. A professional sandblasting company near you should provide drywall repairs for painting, popcorn ceiling removal, texture matching, and more. At AW Painting and General Contractors, we provide complete drywall construction and repair services and can happily provide it to you in addition to your commercial sandblasting service. 

Building maintenance services are also available to help business owners keep their businesses running effectively. You are not limited to one service, but also facility maintenance services, such as electrical repair, lighting repair, and HVAC maintenance. Give us a call today and find out which of our add-on services will match your commercial building needs.

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is the process of removing paint, rust, grime, or old debris by using various abrasives through high-pressure compressed air. Sandblasting is a great way to strip and smooth various surfaces including:

  • Concrete. when sandblasting steel, abrasive materials move at a high speed to create friction on the concrete surface. If you have concrete around your property, this is a technique that will not only expose aggregate underneath your concrete for a rough surface finish but will also remove dirt, graffiti, and any grime on your concrete.
  • Steel. The same process of eliminating dirt applies to steel. To take things a step further, sandblasting steel in your commercial building eliminates harmful surface contaminants that may have gathered onto the steel surface over a period. If you are a business owner, manually cleaning the metal surface can be a tedious process, which is why a commercial blasting company in Gwynedd might be your best bet in eliminating rust and old paint off of your building’s steel.
  • Machinery
  • Other surfaces

commercial sandblasting service in Gwynedd can help clean the outside of your building due to grime and pollution or help with equipment or machinery in need of rust removal. 

Why is Sandblasting Needed?

Now that you know of the process of sandblasting, it may benefit you to know why it is needed. Sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting, is used to create a clean finish for your surface before painting aside from the blemishes it eliminates. Think of this process to be similar to what you do before you upcycle an old dresser or before you paint furniture in general. Preparing the surface of an item you want to paint is similar to preparing your building surface so that the paint sticks on and lasts for as long as it is supposed to. A commercial sandblasting company in Gwynedd will likely follow three intensives, but necessary, steps to provide paint longevity. These steps include:

  • Pretreatment. During this beginning phase of sandblasting, the initial paint on the surface is cleaned off by the use of abrasion. When you hire a professional sandblasting service, you can expect that the process of abrasion prepares the surface in a way that allows paint bonds to stick to the surface. This process avoids future rusts from forming on the surface to be painted. 
  • Application. This is the phase where a zinc-based primer and powder are applied using an electrostatic gun onto the surface. Commercial sandblasting service in Gwynedd will complete an application phase of the sandblasting process to prevent spraying excess paint. Excess paint will completely ruin the painting process.
  • Curing. This is the last phase where the primer is heated and gelled before a final coat of paint is applied to your building surface. If you are wondering what might happen during your commercial sandblasting process, do not hesitate to contact us today and one of our professional service representatives will be happy to help you.

Painting Preparation for Commercial Sandblasting

Surface preparation is one of the earliest steps in repairing and remodeling the very foundation of any commercial property: the walls.

For any commercial or large-scale painting work, sandblasting may be necessary to ensure the highest lasting quality based on the paint brand’s recommendations.

For older commercial buildings, safely removing older paint coatings is a must. A new paint job cannot be completed without getting rid of corrosion first, followed by a sandblast cleaning on the surface.

AW Painting and General Contractors are equipped to handle your maintenance repairs. Our team is experienced in using sandblasting equipment for needed aspects of your project.

Remodeling and Repair

Not every commercial property is ready for business on day one. Whether your commercial property needs maintenance assistance, sandblasting, power washing, or painting, AW Painting, and General Contractors has experienced contractors that can do it all.  While some may be seeking a contractor for commercial sandblasting services in Gwynedd, many may look for contractors that also turnover existing commercial properties. Your turnover service, coupled with your sandblasting service, is a chance to not only give your building a facelift, but to also update the interior and exterior paintings, improve the lightings, add an accent wall painting, or simply make your building look more modern and congruent to the time we are in. If you have an old commercial building that was painted up until the year 1978, there could be chances of your paint containing lead in it. Lead paints can be dangerous to the health and lead to lead poison, especially when the lead paint is deteriorating and peeling. If you are contacting a commercial sandblasting company in Gwynedd for an old commercial building, switching out lead paint as a turnover service will not only improve the look of your building but also promote better health. Commercial sandblasting is necessary but should only be performed by licensed contractors who are equipped with the right tools and techniques.


We will work closely with you through each phase of the remodel, so we can better understand what you would like the finished product to look like. This is crucial to deliver an interior that portrays your type of business.

AW Painting and General Contractors specialize in all aspects of commercial property maintenance and commercial sandblasting in Gwynedd. Our sandblasting contractors have experience working in commercial properties located throughout the Gwynedd area, Southern New Jersey, Delaware, and Lehigh Valley.

Your building relies on a polished and professional presence both inside and out. Get in touch with us to see how AW Painting and General Contractors can repair your property with our commercial sandblasting services serving Gwynedd businesses for over 40 years! Don’t wait – call us today!


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